Saturday, August 16, 2014

Swayambhunath the Incredible (and Unpronounceable, apparently) - Photo Post #3

If you look closely, you can get an idea of the height and steep grade of the "pilgrim's staircase."

Our first view of the Swayambhunath Stupa after a grueling climb. It is one of the most sacred sites in the practice of Buddhism, similar to the Bhoda Stupa, which can be viewed in a previous post.

On a related note, if you would like a humorous story of one of our many adventures, check out my other blog here. I hope it makes you laugh!

We visited at sunset, and were treated to an amazing sky.

The Stupa sits on a hill in the western part of Kathmandu Valley, which is constantly filled with thunder clouds.

Easily one of the most stunning places I have ever visited.

Many of the monkeys sustain themselves on offerings--and trash--left by pilgrims.

I contemplate.

A close-up of the mantra-inscribed prayer wheels.

A butter candle I lit for my family back home. The whole place smells a bit like a seafood restaurant, because at night, hundreds of these candles are set alight.

A sampling of the dozens of sacred monkeys that populate the grounds. Fuzzy and adorable, yes, but they often attack visitors for food and fun...and they are carriers of rabies.

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