Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Good Weekend (Photo Post #2)

It has been an excellent weekend--the perfect ending to a long week. I cannot describe it in words, so here are some pictures.
Home base
Monsoon brings out beautiful colors.
The proper way to use KTM public transportation.
It says, "Nepal and It's Slendour" [sic]

Friday night pizza? I think yes.
A trip to Pilgrims Book House had very satisfying results. The copy of The Hobbit is especially exciting: it was printed in 1968, right around the time the hippies invaded Kathmandu--and brought Tolkien the reader numbers he deserves.
A drink at Himalayan Java, the "Starbucks" of Kathmandu.
Cinnamon-sugar crepes for 100 rupees.
Fulbright arranged for us to have a tour of historic Patan. The design around this door is traditional Newari, painted around a home entrance for exciting events, like births and weddings.
A new Buddha statue.
The group.
Intricate Tibetan designs carved on a door.
A poster for the recently-passed Naga holiday. Families post these outside their doors to appease the snake gods.

Inside the central square of a traditional Nepali home.

Offering dishes dedicated to deceased family members.

Sculpture depicting the mount of one of the gods.
Shrine covered in typical puja offerings of flowers, rice, and tika.

The temple's sacred turtle. He seemed quite keen on escaping.

Apparently Nepal had pagodas before China did.

The other ETAs in the window of a home-turned-hotel--on the floor I couldn't reach because of the ladder-like staircase.
When in Rome...oh, wait...

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