Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Because I have some time...

...I will give you all a quick walkthrough of my typical school day in Nepal.

7:30 - oops, I slept in late!

8:45 - a hearty breakfast of dhaal bhaat (much more filling than cereal)

9:30 - leave the house for school

9:45 - after an easy walk, arrive at school

10:05 - start teaching the angelic Class 1

12:15 - struggle to survive Class 2; have to exit via window because students block door

12:55 - breath of fresh air with the very promising Class 3

1:35 - tiffin, or lunch, break with faculty; sometimes churra with channa (beaten rice - a bit like dry oats - with chickpeas), sometimes tea and biscuits, sometimes white bread with rather suspect hot, sweet milk

2:00 - writing/planning time in faculty office; hope to fill time with one or two more classes soon

4:00 - head home from school

5:00 - milk chiya on the terrace with my host parents, where we watch the sunset over the valley edge until mosquitoes eat us alive

8:00 - dinner, often followed by conversation or a smattering of Nepali television programs

9:00 - quiet reading and lesson planning time, sometimes with chocolate biscuits or odd-flavored Oreos (orange Oreos taste like toothpaste mixed with children's Motrin on a delicious cookie)

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