Thursday, March 19, 2015

Your Weekend Update

I apologize for the lack of activity recently. I have many stories and many pictures, but little time for posting any of them. I left my host family one week ago, and haven't had a moment to relax since. There has been much packing and unpacking and repacking and such - especially when I brought three cardboard boxes to a shipping company that combined them into a 65 pound super-package that arrived in America about two days after they shipped it.

I miss my kids and host family and village, and I have stories about my final week there, but I've been too busy preparing for my trek and spending time with the other girls to be sad. Today I arrived back in Katmandu from an extra short trip to Pokhara (where we spent Christmas) and transported all of my stuff to a hotel in Thamel to await my friend Jeff. I'm happy to report that he's arrived safely, minus a bag. I'm so happy that my ex-flight attendant mother trained me to always pack a super efficient/emergency ready carry-on.

Tomorrow I'll be storing my laptop at the Fulbright office, so unless I have time to post some pictures in the morning, you'll be getting text-only blog posts for the next two weeks - provided I have access to any Wi-Fi on my Everest expedition!

Also, only one person bothered to guess what I read for my 50th book of Nepal. Congratulations to my dad, Timothy, for correctly guessing J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit! The book's subtitle is "There and Back Again," and I promise I will be back again soon.

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