Monday, February 16, 2015

Lucky Post 42 - #OnlyinNepal, the Sequel

Seeing how popular this particular style of blog post was last time I wrote one for you guys, here's part two. Hopefully I'll have one more to add before heading back to the US. There are certainly enough hilarious moments to merit it.

When you have to pay the professional-ghost-scarer who blasted a horn outside your window at 3am. #OnlyinNepal

When leaving a bottle of soda on your windowsill is more effective than refrigeration. #OnlyinNepal

When you’re not at all surprised to learn your host country has more mobile phones than toilets. #OnlyinNepal

When you have more Hindi and Nepali songs stuck in your head than English. #OnlyinNepal

When simply walking down the sidewalk is enough to hail a taxi. #OnlyinNepal

When you dream of sledding down Mt. Everest on a nanglo (a kind of flat, round, woven rice sorting platter thing). #OnlyinNepal

When you pick coffee shops based on which one has a generator. #OnlyinNepal

 When 18 hours of power cuts in a day ensure that you’ll never complain about losing power during a thunderstorm again. #OnlyinNepal

When shoving through people for a seat on the bus—or cutting a line—is not frowned upon. #OnlyinNepal

When failing to acquire a seat on the bus results in perpetually bruised knees and thighs. #OnlyinNepal

When seat-belts and motorbike helmets are a fading dream. #OnlyinNepal

When it takes both hands and feet to count days between showers. #OnlyinNepal

When everyone has two speeds of speech: fast and lightspeed. #OnlyinNepal

When visiting someone’s house is an expectation rather than an invitation. #OnlyinNepal

When you can’t function without, yet often loathe, rice and sugary tea. #OnlyinNepal

When you have a conversation like this:

Alanna: You have 300 karod gods? How many is a karod?

Prasun: Ten million.

Alanna: So you have 3 billion gods? Wow. I only have one, and his name’s God, which is easy to remember. Bet you can’t name all yours.

Prasun: Yes I can! There’s Shiva, and Vishnu, and—

Alanna: I’m going to class.


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