Monday, January 26, 2015

Alanna and Ellen's Excellent Adventure - Part 2

Can you see the mugger crocodile? It can see you. (Actually the source of the word mugger, as in, the guys who take your purse and runs.)
Those dark patches are wild honeybee hives.
An elephant treat - rice and molasses wrapped in elephant grass.

So photogenic!
Someone looks contemplative.
People returning from safaris.
Tharu cultural dance and drummers.
Dawn on the river.
I couldn't help but think of Jurassic Park.
I think Tigger's around here somewhere.
Tiger's territorial scratches.
Mama and baby. Note mama's lovely straw hat.
This picture would be creepy if Ellen was not so adorably cheerful.
Our guide points out damage done by a wild elephant.
Wild bull elephant (to the left) is too close to comfort - one of our guides waits with his bamboo stick.
And you thought your house had termites...
Driving through the stream.
Afternoon tea.
Our second rhino of the day.
Our intrepid jeep and driver.
A fellow party of adventurers.
Our elephant, getting its howdah readjusted (so we wouldn't tumble off).
The sun rises on a camouflaged family of wild boar.
Easily as big as a dinner plate.
I apologize - I still have to tell the tale of my elephant safari, but I'm waiting for the pictures of me actually on the elephant.

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