Thursday, December 4, 2014


If I used Twitter, this is what it would look like:

When you ask what’s happened to your neighbor’s dog, and your host mom casually responds that he was probably eaten by a leopard. #onlyinNepal

When you realize all your students say “carrot” like “garrote.” #onlyinNepal

When a bunch of Buddhist monks on smartphones hog the Wi-Fi at Himalayan Java. #onlyinNepal

When at your eschool ever esingle estudent adds an “e” to the beginning of s-words while espeaking. #onlyinNepal

When you realize “espik” is a much better mispronunciation of “skip” than the alternative. #onlyinNepal 

When you feel very awkward when both your hands are full and someone says “Namaste.” #onlyinNepal

When such innocent words as “chicken,” “chickpea,” and “cheek” take on whole new meanings. #onlyinNepal

When you almost get hit by a motorbike on the sidewalk and you just don’t care anymore. #onlyinNepal

When you step in a cowpat on the sidewalk and you really miss cheeseburgers. #onlyinNepal

When you finally accept the fact that you won’t be clean until April. #onlyinNepal

When the lights go out on a room full of people and everyone continues talking like nothing happened. #onlyinNepal

When you start to use street dogs as landmarks. #onlyinNepal

When you realize that there are worse cold-house problems than sitting on an icy toilet seat. #onlyinNepal

When you are the only person in the room—or village—who has ever seen Star Wars. #onlyinNepal

When you finally have a haze-free day and the mountains make you cry. Again. #onlyinNepal

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