Friday, November 14, 2014

The Big Photo Post - Expect Few Words

Fuzzy AND pretty.
For reasons unknown, my neighbors use a statue of Ganesh to hold down their roof.

Some poor child lost their cow balloon.
My bai, posing against the beautiful sky.
Ellen's classroom.
Wearing the flower necklaces Ellen's students gave us.
See that spider? Size of your palm.
They call it "air-conditioning of the gods."

So it goes when you try to photograph a baby goat.

Pretty cool tree.
A walk in Gorkha.
Emily's favorite curtains.
Emily's classroom.

Lisa pushing Sachina in the ping; bauju looks on.

Holy crap! A dung beetle!
Lisa's classroom.

The bridge.
Bauju wanted this picture to look artsy, I guess.
It posed for me. So cute.

Alanna: "I've always wanted to hold a chick."       Lisa: "Okay!" (grabs chick off ground)
It looks like an alien, but I swear it's delicious.

Those colors.

Lisa prepares to lift 50 kilos of rice with her head.
Don't read Devanagari? Don't worry. It says, phonetically, "ticket counter."
I don't know what they are, but I have a feeling they taste like food coloring.
A footpath for Laxmi, goddess of prosperity.

Tihar festival lights at Lisa's house.

All the shades of tika.
Sachina reigns victorious!
Sachina imitates her pregnant mother.
I'm getting better at henna tattoos.
A chicken. In the luggage rack.

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