Sunday, July 27, 2014

The one you've all been waiting for... (photo post #1)

Since consistent WiFi is so difficult to come by in Nepal, it is difficult for me to upload photos to the net. This means that I will probably have to have posts dedicated to text, and posts dedicated to photos, but few that mix the two. But enough of that: enjoy!

Sleeping well in New Delhi

The miniscule grandeur of the Himalaya

Our first view of Kathmandu Valley
Are we bandits? Are we tourists? Or do we just live in KTM?
This looks safe.
Kurta shopping is overwhelming
Lunch! (dhaal bhaat with a few tasty sides)
I later cracked this coconut open with my bare hands. And the floor. But mostly my hands.
Nothing sketchy about this henna parlor.

And for our bonus photo: since when is Philadelphia cream cheese a dessert?

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